Malone Mitchell Jr.


Malone Mitchell, the eldest son of Alexander Mitchell, was a pioneer in expanding the Polled Herefords breed in the United States.  He was the first to introduce the breed west of the Pecos River and was inducted into the American Polled Hereford Hall of Fame in 1975.  He was President of The Texas Hereford Association and spent his years perfecting the quality of the foundation Herefords.

Malone Mitchell, Jr. began his career in agriculture upon receiving his degree in Animal Husbandry at Oklahoma State University.  He began with a herd of Rambouillet sheep and both Horned and Polled Herefords.  With an expanding herd in Texas, he decided in 1968, to purchase his first ranch in Oklahoma. Selling his sheep and Horned Herefords, he began a rigorous breeding program to create a profitable commercial herd capable of withstanding the rigors of Southeast Oklahoma.  Looking to introduce a breed capable of withstanding the heat and diseases of Southeastern Oklahoma, Malone purchased five Senepol bulls in 1991.  Today, this expansion includes over 21,000 acres of mixed range and crop land, a growing purebred herd of Senepol cattle and a top beef producing commercial Polled Herefords/Red Angus/Senepol herd.He is currently a past president of the Senepol Cattle Breeders Association and is a member of the American Senepol Cattle Association, the National Cattleman's Beef Association, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, and the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association.

Wilson and Madison Webb

Alexander Mitchell

Malone Mitchell and Malone Mitchell Jr.

Today, the tradition of ranching continues for the Mitchell family.  The fourth generation includes Scott and Page Mitchell, who raise cattle and mohair goats at our ranches in Texas and Thomas and Stacey Mitchell Webb that live and work at the headquarters in Oklahoma.  Currently, the fifth generation has began to make their mark on Mitchell Ranches.  Wilson Webb received his degree in Ranch Management from Oklahoma State University and is the General Manager of the Oklahoma Division of Mitchell Ranches.  He also manages all crop production and range land.  Madison Webb received an Animal Science degree from OSU and is the Herd Manager.  She began her interest in cattle production and sales for both the Senepol herd and the commercial herd.  She is currently a directer for the Senepol Cattle Breeders Association.  Under their management we look forward to an ever-expanding operation to be passed to the next generation.

Alexander Mitchell, a Scottish farmer, immigrated in to Texas in 1895 where he began a ranching partnership with his brother.  In 1898, he sold his interest and bought his first ranch in Terrell Country, Texas.  He ran Durham cattle originally, later acquiring and breeding Herefords.  By his death in 1936, he and his wife, Mary Corder Mitchell, had amassed over 78,000 acres in West Texas.

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